Art & Healing Center

Terra Noble is a respite, it is the sea breeze and the jungle that welcome you with its warm spirit.

In the heights of the jungle, enveloped by the power of nature with the purpose of calling for respect, awareness and raising ourselves to a state of fullness and connection.


Workshops & Events

Spa & Experiences

A space of harmony where together we explore and heal our creativity, our body, mind and spirit.

Terra Noble Spa

Discover our unique Spa in the heights of the jungle of Vallarta, enveloped by the power of nature, the fresh smell of iodine and the endless view coming from the Pacific Ocean. Admire the city and the peace given by the lady asleep mountain right in front of you.

Our Massages

Surrounded by this outstanding environnement, we offer the best quality of personalised services for your well-being.

Indian ancient art of immune system boost massage. Will help restart, clean and give a shot of energy to your body. Therapeutical massage perfect for seasons or big period of change . Energetic massage

$1,600MXN For 80 min

Enveloping massage, with fore-arm and wavy movements. Similar to LomiLomi hawaiien practices. A unique and graceful massage given as a dance . Perfect for a moment of disconnection and bliss. Relaxing massage

$1,600MXN For 80 min

Muscles work based on strong pressure. Warming muscles in regards of coming deeper into the work to release tensions. Elbows and thumbs works. Perfect for deep relaxation and after work out.

$1,600MXN For 80 min

‘Sur-mesure’ massage, techniques and focus into parts of the body of your choice.

$1,600MXN For 80 min

Pressure points, feet, scalp and hands based. Energetics pressure points. Can unlock emotional tensions stack into zones. Makes energy flowing more generally into the body . Flowing massage

$1,600MXN For 80 min

Based on the practices bellow the therapist will attentively discover what the body needs the most and mix practices in regards to give a unique massage. Trust your therapist and let yourself be surprised. ‘Out-of the ordinary’ massage

$1,600MXN For 80 min


Ancient Ceremonies & Therapies

We focus into ancient ceremonies and global healing experiences for each of our visitors. Find below our unique wellness experiences and treatments given by our professional therapists.

Ancient Ceremonies

Sound Therapies

Traditional Temazcal

Join us for a healing and meditative circle attuning to our intrinsic nature through the guidance of the plant spirit Cacao and sacred sounds with ancient instruments and singing bowls.

Click here to read more in our blog

$5,000 MXN per ceremonial circle (1 to 10 people)

Experience a traditional Mayan healing and purification ceremony promoting physical well-being and healing

Click here to read more in our blog

$5000 per ceremony (1 to 10 people)

Ler your senses be guided by the vibrations and frequency of the bowls. From a beautiful concert it also work in releasing emotional tensions and open up the chakras in regards to make the energy flowing again into the body.

Price per therapy (1 to 10 people) $2,800 MXN

Get a 2h massage of your choice for a complete mind and body released following by special moment in Terra Noble facing the city of Puerto Vallarta and the Pacific Ocean. Share a bottle a local wine to bring some taste into this heavenly moment. Condition yourself to feel the power of the jungle surrounding Terra noble and the unique beauty of the city.

Price per couple: 5,000 MXN


Design your Experience

Start off with a relaxing massage, and combine it with our therapies and Wellness Activities.


Every experience is based on a 80 minutes massage of your choice.

Starting with escens purification, relaxation, inhalation of adapted essential oil, massage, body sensations awareness exit relaxation.

Start with a yoga of your choice ( Yin, Vinyasa, Hatha) to stretch out and warm the muscles, open up the areas that need to be work on with a class made on purpose. Create awareness of your sensations to get ready to receive the massage of your choice.

$2,400 MXN
80 minutes Massage + Yoga

Condition your body mine and spirits with some adapted breath work. Pranamaya will rebalance the body, calm the nervous system and the mind and reboots the internal system.
Following the massage of your choice, let you guide by a full awareness and setting intentions meditation. Still into the body gravity of your massage, pair your mind into this relaxation to create an harmony of peace and ink it into you.

$2,200 MXN
80 minutes Massage + Breathwork and Meditation

After a deep relaxation from a massage of your choice, let your senses be guided by the vibrations and frequency of the bowls. From a beautiful concert it also work in releasing emotional tensions and open up the chakras in regards to make the energy flowing again into the body.

$2,700 MXN
80 minutes Massage + Sound Healing Therapy

Start a deep cleansing with a temazcal ceremony then end up softly with a relaxing massage which will restart your immune system clear all the toxins and leave you in a deep relaxing state

*$3,000 MXN per person

*Minimum 2 people


Our Community

A team of young creatives, linked by similar values such as respect, kindness, sharing, tolerance and most of all love. Our extraordinary spaces allows us to host works-shop classes, ceremonies, and more, in the global idea of respect towards pacha mama, reconnection to our essences, expression and awareness.

Our Calendar

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The constant collaboration in between one another in Terra Noble creates a magical energy where everyone feels welcome and at home.

‘When you need it, Terra Noble finds you’