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Ecstatic Chants from around the world

An Evening of Ecstatic Chants from the Hindu, Sufi, Tibetan Buddhist, Yoruba and Japanese traditions with Shanti Shivani who is trained in Indian Classical Music.

She will accompany herself on the Indian drone instrument, the tambura or tanpura with its celestial sound, that balances our energy and raises our vibration. She will be accompanied by a special guest.

Sacred chants with call-and-response sections from the Sufi, Hindu, Tibetan Buddhist, Japanese and Yoruba traditions bring mind, body, and voice together in a way that is spiritually liberating, and physically, mentally and emotionally restorative.

Kirtan is the name for Hindu devotional call-and-response chanting which means remembering the name of God. By chanting the name of God with true devotion we are able to access the Divine within, thus attaining a state of bliss. Devotional chanting is found in all traditions. Though the forms vary, the goal is the same: Union with the Divine.

Most Hindu and Buddhist chants are in the sacred language Sanskrit. The mere utterance of Sanskrit syllables, words or sutras puts the devotee in an altered state of mind. This is why the recitation of mantras (prayers in Sanskrit) are so powerful. We merge with the naada or naadam, the inner sound current and become one with All that is or Brahman.


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Dic 02 2022


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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