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ELE-MENTALITY with Ryan Sage & Cristina de La Paz

Join Cristina De La Paz & Ryan Sage for a 2 hour discussion about Human Knowledge, The Mind, Physical & Spiritual Health, and many more important topics.

We will traverse the 4 Elements with a few songs which compliment the ideas we will be sharing. Cacao, Coffee and Herbal Tea will be available.

There will always be an open format for questions and contributions, or you can simply sit back and think about how this information effects your life.


Humanity is at a great turning point. True knowledge has been intentionally suppressed for centuries. Now that the Internet and Global Travel is accessible to billions of souls, the Truth is being revealed!

The collaborations over the past few decades, of the world’s greatest scholars, philosophers, mystics, teachers and students, has unleashed a magnificent collection of facts regarding the human experience.

The process of upgrading our understanding, by selecting only the best teachings from all cultures, all religions, and all schools of thought, is known as the process of Syncretism.

Join us on September 28th for the first of many of these live talks. We will be creating a very calm space where you can meditate peacefully as the sun sets, or if you feel like engaging in the discussion, we would love to hear your experiences and wisdom!

With love,

Ryan & Cristina


Sep 28 2022


7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
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This space was created to make a call to respect, conscience and elevate us to a state of fullness and connection.

Our extraordinary spaces allows us to host workshops, classes, ceremonies, and more, in the global idea of respect towards pacha mama, reconnection to our essences, expression and awareness.

‘When you need it, Terra Noble finds you’

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