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Human Design Introduction

Learn the foundations of the Human Design system.

Are you a Generator? A Projector? A Manifestor? or a Reflector? What is your profile? And your life’s mission? What is your inner authority? And what does all of that mean exactly? Based on ancestral sciences, HD is the map of the energies activated or not in your whole system, and the science of deconditioning.

From childhood, we have built our personality in reaction to our parents, siblings, teachers, society, advertising, TV shows and movies in two different ways: letting them tell us who we are, or being the opposite of what they say we are by rebellion.

Growing up, we realize that we are wearing masks built by this conditioned personality disconnecting us from our essence, from our authenticity. We feel that no one sees us for real, and our life is not aligned with who we are deep inside.

Human Design comes at this point to give you the map of who you are and who you came to be, so you can let go of your masks, of your old self and patterns, and align with your own flow. They say it takes about 7 years. Let’s start now!

Learning HD in a group workshop is fun because we will have some interaction games to feel each other, instead of letting the mind judge by being driven by our conditionings.

If you have children, HD gives you the tool to adapt your education to your kid!

You’ll need your design, which you can download on the “Jovian Archive” website: “Get your free chart”.


Jun 12 2022


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


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