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Meditation Camp

En este taller experimentarás diferentes técnicas de meditación, atención plena, visualización guiada, respiración consciente, meditación activa de Osho, danzas sagradas, cantos, mantras y mudras, herramientas útiles para tu bienestar, las cuales podrás poner en práctica en tu vida diaria.

Este día en particular será enfocado en el chakra del corazón, conectando con los sentimientos elevados de gratitud, amor, compasión.

In this workshop you will experience different techniques of meditation, mindfulness, full attention, guided visualization, conscious breathing, active meditation, chants, mantras and mudras, useful tools for your well-being, which you can put into practice in your daily life.

This particular day will be focused on the heart chakra, connecting with higher feelings of gratitude, love and compassion.
Facilitator: Alberta Snelli. Italian, lives in Mexico for 4 years, psychologist and teacher of meditation and dance medicine.


Sep 11 2022


10:00 am - 7:00 pm




Terra Noble, Puerto Vallarta
Tulipanes 595, 5 de Diciembre, 48350
Alberta Snelli (Conscious Living)


Alberta Snelli (Conscious Living)
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This space was created to make a call to respect, conscience and elevate us to a state of fullness and connection.

Our extraordinary spaces allows us to host workshops, classes, ceremonies, and more, in the global idea of respect towards pacha mama, reconnection to our essences, expression and awareness.

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