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Self Healing Essentials Workshop by Tiffany Aguila

The body expresses its internal fight as signs: allergies, fatigue, stress, inflammations, gas, body weight issues, headaches, hyper/hypo thyroid, dry skin, eczema… If we don’t listen and look for the root of it, or if we try to shut it down with non-natural substances working on it as in isolated part of the whole, nature will have its last word and those signs will turn into bigger ones: diabetes, alzheimer, parkinson, obesity, burn out, cancer, autoimmune diseases… 

Working on your spiritual awakening, heal your traumas, open your heart, try to meditate is sometimes useless if your brain doesn’t work properly and is all congested by toxicity. 

Mother Earth offered us the gift of this body to experience life through our 5 senses, let’s honor that with gratitude and first start here before going anywhere else!

Take a notebook and a pen!




Jun 05 2022


8:30 am - 11:30 am
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Our extraordinary spaces allows us to host workshops, classes, ceremonies, and more, in the global idea of respect towards pacha mama, reconnection to our essences, expression and awareness.

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