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Women’s Temazcal & Yoni Egg Workshop

In this circle of women we will be confident to carry out dynamics that will connect you with your sacred womb, a circle of words to share experiences and doubts and we will talk about the uses and benefits of this powerful stone, details of how and when to use it, how to do your energy cleaning, giving you support in your personal process.

I will teach you different rituals to release possible energies stuck in your belly.

And then we’ll go into woman sweatlodge, to heal with the medicine of the womb of mother earth.

The sweatlodge ceremony is phisical,emotional and spiritual healing.

As we sweat all the toxins in our body, do some chantings with drum and rattles and connect with the elements, while we pray with the intention of our heart.


May 19 2023


4:00 am - 8:00 pm
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This space was created to make a call to respect, conscience and elevate us to a state of fullness and connection.

Our extraordinary spaces allows us to host workshops, classes, ceremonies, and more, in the global idea of respect towards pacha mama, reconnection to our essences, expression and awareness.

‘When you need it, Terra Noble finds you’

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