Yoga and Massage

Start with a yoga of your choice ( Yin, Vinyasa, Hatha) to stretch out and warm the muscles, open up the areas that need to be work on with a class made on purpose. Create awareness of your sensations to get ready to receive the massage of your choice.


Massage and Soundhealing

After a deep relaxation from a massage of your choice, let your senses be guided by the vibrations and frequency of the bowls. From a beautiful concert it also work in releasing emotional tensions and open up the chakras in regards to make the energy flowing again into the body.


Massage and Meditation

Following the massage of your choice, let you guide by a full awareness and setting intentions meditation. Still into the body gravity of your massage, pair your mind into this relaxation to create an harmony of peace and ink it into you.


Pranayama and Massage

Condition your body mine and spirits with some adapted breath work. Pranamaya will rebalance the body, calm the nervous system and the mind and reboots the internal system. After a deep relaxation coming from your practice, enjoy The massage of your choice.


Sunset Relaxing Experience

Get a 2h massage of your choice for a complete mind and body released following by special moment into our jacuzzi facing the city of Puerto Vallarta and the Pacific Ocean. Share a bottle a local wine to bring some taste into this heavenly moment. Condition yourself to feel the power of the jungle surrounding Terra noble and the unique beauty of the city.