Our Spa

Discover our unique Spa in the heights of the jungle of Vallarta, enveloped by the power of nature, the fresh smell of iodine and the endless view coming from the Pacific Ocean. Admire the city and the peace given by the lady asleep mountain right in front of you.

Surrounded by this outstanding environnement, we offer the best quality of personalised services for your well-being.

We focus into ancient ceremonies and global healing experiences for each of our visitors.

One of the best things about visiting Mexico is its unmatched cultural heritage and fascinating traditions. Throughout this region’s history, it has been home to five major civilizations including the Mayan civilization and the Aztecs.

Design your Wellness Experience

Find below our unique wellness packages given by our professional therapists.

Start off with a relaxing massage, and combine it with our therapies and Wellness Activities.

Our Wellness Packages are for travelers seeking a wide variety of retreat choices that are customizable to their preferences.Massage services, adventures and many healing modalities are also all available a la carte, simply choose as you go!


Spa & Wellness Gift Cards

The Spa & Wellness Gift Card is the perfect way to put yourself and your loved ones on the path to personal wellness. The ideal gift for every occasion.